Girl Power (Ages 6-12)

A martial arts program for the empowerment of girls™ and female presenting/identifying kids, a program originating from Si Gong Robert Firestine. Girl Power focuses on the exploration of self-respect, self-defense, and self-confidence through the practice of Shaolin Kung-Fu. Our classes are about fun, discipline, expression, and inner strength while supporting one another along the journey. In an era where the flame of self worth is beginning to ignite for women and girls before the public eye, it is important to continue that momentum into the next generation. To learn to defend oneself is good, to learn that you are someone worth defending is priceless.


Peaceful Warriors (Ages 6-12)

A martial arts program that focuses on the inner journey for boys and male presenting/identifying kids, a program originating from Si Gong Robert Firestine. Peaceful Warriors teaches boys self-respect, respect for others, and self-expression. In a time where we’re seeing more and more voices coming out of the #metoo and #timesup movement, it’s important to support the change in our world from both sides. A peaceful nature is often treated as “un-masculine” or “soft”. But we believe that it is much harder to find the peaceful alternative to a conflict, and masculinity means more than just aggression. Through our training, the students explore the physical and self-defense aspect of the art, while also being creative and self-expressive.


  • For non-binary/gender neutral students: You are welcome in whichever class you feel most comfortable with. Please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss which class feels right to you.


Middle Path Shaolin for Teens (Ages 12-17) — coming August 20th, 2022

An empowering kung fu class for teens. Non-gender specific and an hour and a half long, students will learn a variety of styles and skills through a cyclical curriculum together, as we forge ahead into the teenage years and the discovery of the self in a safe and supportive environment!


Middle Path Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (Ages 18+)

A holistic and modern approach to the art, our program focuses on the journey of self-mastery. Through the practice of the basics, animal styles, self-defense, weapon training, and philosophical & spiritual discussion, we learn about our innermost self. In learning who that innermost self is, we discover that we don’t need to prove our worth to world, but rather that we were always worthy. Our desire is to empower individuals from all walks of life who wish to cultivate a peaceful, humble, compassionate, and accepting nature, so that more good people may walk the world.

Class Schedules

Girl Power classes for girls ages 6-12 are one hour long, and meet on Saturdays.

Saturdays:  1pm-2pm

Peaceful Warriors classes for boys ages 6-12 are one hour long, and meet on Saturdays.

Saturdays:  2pm-3pm

Middle Path Shaolin for Teens 12-17 is 1.5 hours long and meets weekly.

Saturdays:  3pm-4:30pm

The Middle Path class for adults 18+ is 1.5 hours long and meets weekly.

Wednesdays:  5:30pm-7pm


Classes are held at 5428 NE 30th Ave. in Portland at

The People’s Yoga studios.

Entrance is on NE 30th Ave, just behind the Jinx restaurant.


For Kids classes:

First Class is FREE! 

$125 per 12 week session OR
3 monthly payments of $45

Siblings are half price!

For Teen classes:

First Class is FREE!

$185 per 12 week session OR
3 monthly payments of $65

• There is a one-time registration fee of $25 which includes one Gi uniform and a practice notebook for all kids and teens classes.

Please note that due to supply chain issues, there may be delays in obtaining uniforms

For Adult classes:

$15 per one class OR
$50 per month

The first class is always free to try.